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Caution: This service is a commercial detection missions. the offers below are exclusively dedicated to freelance experts who are in a position to bill their services to contractors. These are not job offers. Project detection La première préoccupation pour un expert est la phase fastidieuse et coûteuse de détection des projets. Elle exige un travail soutenu, difficile à mener quand il est en mission. Pour vous simplifier la vie, nous vous proposons ici les offres de missions, appels à candidatures et détections de projets qui se sont présentés à nous, du monde entier, grâce à notre plate-forme internet. Un contact a été établi avec chacun des donneurs d ordre pour évaluer le sérieux de la demande, si un budget a été prévu, ainsi que son autorité hiérarchique. Fee The cost of qualified contacts: 75€ht economic Your financial contribution to access the information is inferior to the cost of a sales agent or business getter and to the estimated value of the assignment. How much would a commercial agent cost, providing you one contact a week? On our website, one contact a week will cost you 375 euros (exclusive of tax) per month. ok These job offers are placed under the responsibility of their author.
Employers and recruiting agencies have all accepted the terms of use laying down the authenticity of the information. They all committed to remove the post as soon as the job is filled.
If a post figures on the website, we assume it is still topical.
easy Project detection: to save some time, access an information of quality on contractors seeking experts. click on the offers below - Click on the title of the assignment you are interested in and access the description of the offer. quickly The contractor's contact details are given to a limited number of experts.
(this number, agreed with the customer, is less than or equal to 3 in order to limit competition).
If the offer you are interested in If you are interested, click the button that allows you to apply to the right of the screen Secure payment system (We dispose of a secure online payment system. When using it, you proceed to a request for authorization of payment. We only debit the amount when the contractor confirms that the assignment is still topical). Check - As soon as we have the means of payment, we need check that the assignment is uptodate. - Your payment will be cashed as soon as tha contractor confirmed his need is still topical. - You can contact us by phone if you wish to know how many times the contact has been sold. E-mail address - You will then receive an invoice and a link to the contractor's contact details to get in touch with him directly. There is a risk not to be selected by the contractor, but, as in any context, reactivity and tenacity are decisive. out - If the assignment is out of date, you will be informed by email and the payment will be cancelled. recent The most recent assignment offers are on top of the list. The assignments published on our websites are, in theory, still topical. However, we verify this information once you've followed the procedure,

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